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What is Retinopathy of the Premature?

Premature Retinopathy is a disease in which it is observed in premature infants and occurs by an abnormal development of the blood vessels of the retina. For this reason it is a disease that it can produce blindness.

The retina is the inner layer of the eye that perceives light and converts it into visual messages that they are transmitted to the brain. When a baby is born prematurely, the blood vessels of the retina they grow abnormally.
Most cases of Retinopathy of the Premature resolve without causing any damage to the retina. When retinopathy is severe, it can cause detachment of the eye wall and possible blindness. Babies born below 1250 grams or born before week 31 of gestation, are at greater risk.

Who requires treatment?

When the ROP reaches a certain level of severity called Type 1, the potential for the release of retina (and possible permanent loss of vision) is so high, that it should be considered the laser treatment. The eyes with ROP that come to be classified as type 1 are usually treated.

Usually laser ablation is applied to the immature portion of the retina by means of a device that the ophthalmologist uses on top of his head. (See Figure 4).

The result of laser treatment is usually favorable with the disappearance of abnormal vessels and the resolution of the plus disease. Despite an adequate diagnosis and proper treatment With laser, ROP can progress in some cases and produce retinal detachment. The eyes with Retinal detachment caused by ROP generally have a poor visual prognosis. The detachment of the retina can be treated with vitrectomy and / or a scleral buckle. There are research groups working on the use of medications that slow the growth of the abnormal blood vessels. These medications can be used as an alternative or in addition to laser treatment. More research is needed to determine when and in whom they should be use this type of medication Despite the optimal treatment, some eyes with ROP progress in severity and lose vision permanently.

How many children have Retinopathy of the Premature in Mexico?

Population México 119, 713,203
Births 2014 2, 177,319
Premature underweight 20,902 (0.96%)
Access to NICU 14,631(aprox. 70%)
Survival 8,779 (aprox. 60%)

(Approximately 9,000 premature babies < 1,500 g require screening every year) Threshold disease 900 (approx 10%) (If they are not treated, 50% will be blind)

National Detection of ROP 15

Only these States do not have Detection of ROP


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CDMX 2017